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    Shop opening and Covid-19

    Hello everyone The good news is we are all fine and no covid-19 here but due to cross contamination we have to stay isolated until Wednesday. That means Wednesday the shop will be open again and this time for longer hours. 18th 9.30 to 3 19th 11 to 3 20th 9.30 to 3 21st Closed 22nd Closed 23rd 9.30 to 3 24th 10 to 3 25th 9.30 to 3 26th 11 to 3 27th 9.30 to 3 28th 9.30 to 6 this is my last day trading in the shop. Please rember that I have no hand washing facilities at the shop. At the moment sit and social will go…

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    Shop Closed

    Good morning everyone. You may have seen the shop has been closed last week and now this week. I want to explain to you all why. Last week my father in law was called in for emergency heart surgery so we had to go to Hampshire to be with him and my mother in law. Last night we were called to say that my father in law is now in isolation as a worker on his ward has tested positive for coronavirus. I never visited the hospital but my husband did so as a precaution we have been told to self isolate until both my father in law and husband…

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    The End Of Lostwithiel

    You may have seen from my facebook/instagram posts that I am closing the shop in Lostwithiel on March 28th. I am not closing down so there will be no big sale so please don’t ask. We are relocating to Lincolnshire and I will be looking for new premisis once we are settled. No I am not prepared to go into great detail as to why we are moving. All I will say is that it is for family reasons and for the health and education of my son and my sanity. I hope those of you who follow me and support me from afar will continue to do so. Those…

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    End Of The Year

    Well that year went by in a flash didn’t it? I hope you all have enjoyed this festive period. I have taken the oppertunity to have a full week off away from the shop and all things shop related and spend time with my husband and son although my husband has been on call all month and has had a few issues to deal with over christmas but we plodded through. Did you get any woolly related gifts for Christmas? Let’s reflect on the year shal we. Well it’s been fun and hectic and sometimes a little bit out of my control. Being nominated for best local yarn shop in…

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    Shop Small Or Loose Us All

    It’s a tough world out there at the moment and never more so than for small independent business. Fall in high street shoppers and rise in rates/bills etc it’s a tough fight and one that people don’t always see. So today I was very sad to read that a lovely small business in Exeter  had their weeks takings stolen from inside their shop. Small businesses work so hard to make money that this will be hard for them to get over but like most small businesses they are strong and determined and will survive this. But they will need help from you! We all do. Shop small and shop local.…

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    Sweater Weather

    Yay it’s the 1st of September that can only mean one thing right? Sweater Weather is just around the corner. September see’s the children returning to school, Christmas cards & chocolates appearing in the shops and the leaves starting to turn. I love autumn it’s my favourite time of year. Chilly mornings and colourful walks through woods and most of all jumping in the leaves. My most favourite thing though is it means that the knitwear comes out. It’s time to dig out the hat’s and shawls and most importantly SWEATERS. To celebrate the imminent arrival of Sweater weather I have an offer running on sweater quantities of yarn in…

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    The Ranty One

    Yes this is a rant! I am annoyed at several things in the fibre community and today I am going to highlight one and later in the week when I am less angry I will highlight the other (It’s a biggy) Rant one! We are loosing our small yarn shops and here is one of the reasons why. Shopping and where you buy your yarn. So you are moaning that their isn’t a little yarn shop by you or that their used to be but it closed down. Have you ever wondered why it closed down? Owner too old? No parking? Only open certain days? Or well I could have…

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    No more ACRYLIC!

    Why I’m going no Acrylic in the shop. Incase you haven’t seen I am getting rid of all the acrylic in the shop. Many are asking why and this is a good question so I thought I would explain. When I opened the shop my intention was to be all about the British wools and British dyers. This didn’t happen but I am working very hard to make it happen. My ethos for the shop is natural fibres and supporting British wool and small British wool businesses. So what about Acrylic? Acrylic is plastic, plastic is bad for the environment. Yes I do totally understand that people who have allergies…

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    MODE Launch Weekend

    Happy Saturday! It’s here the launch of Rowan’s brand new collection MODE. To celebrate this I am having 10% off sale over £50 spends. Please note that all yarns are on back order this is to allow me to supply you all with the correct amount of yarn in the same dyelot and I am also on holiday so nothing will be posted till next week. To get your discount just enter code MODE at checkout. Happy Shopping and thank you for your support. Warm Woolly Wishes Lucy

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    MODE at Rowan Yarns

    Have you all seen the exciting new concept from Rowan yarns? Mode promises to be beautiful knits and offer a capsule wardrobe too. The launch for the new Rowan Autumn/Winter collection is on the 1st of August with a big launch for MODE over the weekend of 3/4 August. To celebrate this launch I will be having a online launch party and there will be 10% off all Rowan orders over £50 I will be offering all the yarns and books that will be launched in this new collection but some of these will be on a pre order basis. You will also be able to order any of the…

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