Inclusivity & Accessibility Statement

Dear All

My shop is a safe space.

I welcome everyone to my shop regardless of your race, sexuality, gender, age, size or whether you knit or crochet.

The shop is a very large open space with lots of room for wheelchairs and pushchairs etc with no steps and a nice wide door too. There is a small bump in the floor to the rear of the shop due to the age of the building though but this doesn’t effect those in wheelchairs but please be mindful of this if you’re a little unsteady on your feet.

Please do not feel that you are not welcome in my shop. YOU ARE and there’s even tea/coffee too. I welcome everyone even if you’re just looking for somewhere to sit for 5 minutes or to chat.

My shop is for you all. I will not tolerate any form of racism, sexism or critisicing of a person’s ability to knit or crochet it is not welcome here. I will not tolerate any form of hate speech in the shop either.

Please note that only assistance dogs are permitted in the shop.

Warm Woolly Wishes

Lucy xx


Sit & Social Guidelines (rules)

Be respectful, of me, my shop and others.

Tidy up after yourselves.

Be mindful of what you say.

Difficult discussions are meant to be had but don’t cause harm with your words.

This shop is a safe and inclusive space for all I will do whatever it takes to make it remain that way.

Don’t like it Don’t come

Tuesday night 7-9pm & Thursday 1-3pm £3 per person