End Of The Year

Well that year went by in a flash didn’t it?

I hope you all have enjoyed this festive period. I have taken the oppertunity to have a full week off away from the shop and all things shop related and spend time with my husband and son although my husband has been on call all month and has had a few issues to deal with over christmas but we plodded through.

Did you get any woolly related gifts for Christmas?

Let’s reflect on the year shal we.

Well it’s been fun and hectic and sometimes a little bit out of my control. Being nominated for best local yarn shop in the south west was absolutely the highlight of my year even though I didn’t win I was blown away by all your support for the shop considering I had only been open just over a year at time.

Lowest point of the year has to be getting sepsis twice and having to justify myself to potential customers as to why I wasn’t in the shop, why I couldn’t get anyone else to open the shop and then the locals who insit on telling people I am never open and not to even bother attempting to come to the shop. Some people were even ringing me at 8am to see if I was going to be open.

Looking ahead to 2020 I have lots of classes, retreats and even a FIBRE FESTIVAL planned. I have also got someone in to open the shop one Saturday a month for me so I can spend time with my little boy. As of yet I don’t have anyone who is able to cover for me if I am sick or during school holidays so it will be a case of checking the website for opening times.

The new POS system is slowly being updated and it is already starting to make things a lot easier and more efficient. The website is also slowly being updated and pulled in line with the POS (im no techy so it’s taking ages)

The shop i s 2 in February and there are lots of plans in the pipe line for it and a special guest dyer or two will be available over the weekend so keep an eye out for more information about that.

May bank holiday sees the Fibre Festival this is being held at the Royal Cornwall Showground and has over 50 vendors and 4 food vendors. Tickets are already on sale https://buytickets.at/cornishfibrefestival/311254 and you can find more information on https://www.facebook.com/The-Cornish-Fibre-Festival-450682095730719/?modal=admin_todo_tour

Crochet classes are back with Sophie and I have a whole list of new and exciting classes through the year check out the Classes and workshop section on the shop.

As for my knitting I am working on so many samples for the shop I have lost count and not getting much personal knitting done but it will be worth it in the end as you will all get to see how the new and old yarns work up.

I would like to take this time to ask you all to please be respectful towards me and the shop. It is just me running it, I have a small child and a husband seriving in the forces. We are hours away from family so if I am sick or my little boy is there is no other option than for me to just shut the shop and stay home. We don’t have family we can call on to baby sit. I currently can not afford to get insurance to cover people working for me nor to pay them a living wage that is the reality of running your own small business. Also please resepct my business hours they are set the way they are for a reason. I am sorry if I don’t reply to your message that you send at 10pm but I am probably working on my knits, the website, accounts, stock taking or I am in bed. There is no need to send another message 20 minutes later stating I am rude and it’s bad for business not to reply. If you call and it is during shop hours I try to answer the phone as quickly as possible but sometimes I am with a customer so just leave me a message or pop a text and I will get back to you. If you call out of business hours I am unlikely to answer or reply to messages until I am back in work that’s the long and the short of it.

Not sure of my opening times then check the website there is a page just for them and I always post on my social media accounts.

I look forward to another amazing year and I would love you all to join me on this crazy woolly journey.

I wish you all good health happy hooks and needles for the coming year

Lucy x


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