No more ACRYLIC!

Why I’m going no Acrylic in the shop.

Incase you haven’t seen I am getting rid of all the acrylic in the shop. Many are asking why and this is a good question so I thought I would explain.

When I opened the shop my intention was to be all about the British wools and British dyers. This didn’t happen but I am working very hard to make it happen.

My ethos for the shop is natural fibres and supporting British wool and small British wool businesses.

So what about Acrylic? Acrylic is plastic, plastic is bad for the environment.

Yes I do totally understand that people who have allergies need an alternative to wool but their are other non plastic based yarns that can easily be substituted.

I also understand that Acrylic is a good way for people who don’t have a lot of money to be able to afford to knit. This is why I offer a lay away service. A lay away service is where people can choose higher priced yarns and just pay for them when they have the money to do so.

Wool v Acrylic for the environment.

Wool is a natural product/acrylic is man made mass produced in factories.

Wool biodegrades/acrylic takes years to break down and every time you wash it small plastic particles go into the water system.

Wool lasts for years/Acrylic doesn’t

Yes wool costs more but in the long run it actually works out more cost effective. Wool garments when cared for correctly will last decades.

I have stocked acrylic since I opened but up until today I couldn’t tell you the last time I sold a ball of it so it’s now also becoming a shelf warmer.

There are lots of local shops that stock acrylic and I am more than happy to recommend these to any customer that asks.

So to sum up. I am getting rid of Acrylic because it’s plastic, doesn’t fit with my ethos of British wool and natural fibre and it’s bad for the environment.

Lucy x

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