Wow it’s really starting to move at the shop.

Unfortunately I am not able to do as much as I would like as my 5 year old has scarlet fever and is off school so it’s evening only at the moment.

That said the electrician has been in and carried out the works needed and we now have some super bright LED lights so you can all see the yarn better and we will be able to see what you are knitting. The spot lights in one of the windows have also been removed as they were a fire hazard and had already started to leave burn marks on the wall.

Also the dreadful polystyrene tiles have been removed and the process to make the ceiling good has started too.

I am very grateful for friends this week and the community of Lostwithiel. Andrea & Henry have been there every night to lend a hand and Sarah joined us last night to make a start on the painting. A local man popped his head in to see what we were doing, he happened to be a painter and decorator and has offered to help as he happens to be off work this week and loan us some large dust sheets. Poor Henry has spent at least a good hour removing hundreds of hooks and nails from the beams and walls.

Andrea is going to be working with me at the shop and offer a different angle on creative crafts in the shop with her sewing skills and her knowledge of haberdashery which is very exciting as it was something I was being asked for and didn’t have a clue about so hopefully this means we can provide an all round craft experience.

If any one wishes to come grab a paint brush and lend a hand feel free we are there in the evening from 7pm.

New yarn has been ordered and some new collections including TOFT alpaca, books from Sue Stratford designs and much more.

So what’s next? More white paint I got 30L im hoping it’s enough. Then it will be a trip to IKEA before we can move the remaining furniture over from the Par shop and then start moving in all the YARN yay!



  • Linda Hanford

    Lucy, this is so inspiring. The growth in your shop is really exciting. I would gladly pick up a paint brush were I closer. I am really looking forward to see what you do next!

  • admin

    Thank you so much Linda. It’s really very exciting and I can’t wait to get it up and running.