Shop Closed

Good morning everyone.

You may have seen the shop has been closed last week and now this week. I want to explain to you all why. Last week my father in law was called in for emergency heart surgery so we had to go to Hampshire to be with him and my mother in law. Last night we were called to say that my father in law is now in isolation as a worker on his ward has tested positive for coronavirus. I never visited the hospital but my husband did so as a precaution we have been told to self isolate until both my father in law and husband have been tested. These are purely precautionary measures but given everything that is going on in the world right now I feel that I needed to close the shop as a lot of my customers are vulnerable.

If you have yarn set aside with me and need to collect it please either email me or give me a call to discuss you collecting it.

Stay warm, stay safe & stay healthy

Lucy x




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