Shop opening and Covid-19

Hello everyone

The good news is we are all fine and no covid-19 here but due to cross contamination we have to stay isolated until Wednesday.

That means Wednesday the shop will be open again and this time for longer hours.

18th 9.30 to 3
19th 11 to 3
20th 9.30 to 3
21st Closed
22nd Closed
23rd 9.30 to 3
24th 10 to 3
25th 9.30 to 3
26th 11 to 3
27th 9.30 to 3
28th 9.30 to 6 this is my last day trading in the shop.

Please rember that I have no hand washing facilities at the shop.

At the moment sit and social will go ahead as normal.

Please do stay away from the shop though if you have any symptoms or even a cold. If you have yarn set aside and are self isolating please email or call the shop and we can arrange for payment and delivery.

Stay safe, stay well

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