The Ranty One

Yes this is a rant!

I am annoyed at several things in the fibre community and today I am going to highlight one and later in the week when I am less angry I will highlight the other (It’s a biggy)

Rant one!

We are loosing our small yarn shops and here is one of the reasons why.

Shopping and where you buy your yarn.

So you are moaning that their isn’t a little yarn shop by you or that their used to be but it closed down. Have you ever wondered why it closed down?

Owner too old?

No parking?

Only open certain days?

Or well I could have shopped their but a certain supermarket sells wool a few times a year and so I went their.

So lets address why you shopped at the supermarket and not the little yarn shop around the corner that could assist you, provide pattern support and even recommend other yarns to you.

PRICE price is the only reason you shopped at that supermarket. I hear it time and time again but they are cheaper than the wool shop in town. What a load of twaddle. Did you know that you can buy from a little wool shop various different brands of yarn that range in price from £1.35 to £1.69 per 100g so that shop might not be within your town but I bet if you look they have a website or would be thrilled to bits if you called them and said “well I was going to buy some yarn at the supermarket but I was wondering if I could support you and you post out some yarn to me” Let me tell you that shop owner will jump up and down in celebration the supermarket manager wont.

Here’s something maybe you don’t know most yarn shops will offer what we call a lay away service. This is where you go into the shop have a lovely conversation with the owner or shop worker and you choose what yarn you want and how many balls. Then they will store some of it away for a set period of time so that over that time you can pop in and out and buy as much as you want when you can afford it. This can be applied to yarn at £1.35 a ball or yarn at £16.00 a ball it won’t matter. Lay away with the yarn you have chosen will also mean you get the same dye lot too.

Another issue with buying your yarn from a supermarket you wont get any help. Yes that’s right oh no they are out of stock and you need an extra ball what will you do? well here’s one thing not to do and that’s to go to a little yarn shop and ask them if they sell it or if they can help you get it (i’ve had this personally) that is like a slap in the face to that shop owner. You couldn’t buy the wool from them but you are expecting them to give you FREE help with your supermarket yarn.

Also their is no social aspect to buying your yarn at a supermarket. Some not all I will acknowledge that have a space where people meet and sit and craft and talk and we all know that is good for mental health.

In the last 3 weeks I have been told of 7 little yarn shops closing because they are not being used, People are shopping at supermarkets or on line at one of the 3 big webstores we have in the UK and so can’t afford to stay open. HELLO guess what all of those little yarn shops had webstores too!!!

I am seeing it more and more people moaning that they don’t have a local yarn shop, SHOCKER you won’t have a local one if you don’t use them.

I really don’t care if you knit/crochet with Acrylic, mohair, pure wool or even string what I do care about is that this industry is fast going down the pan because of people shopping habbits. The supermarket is not a yarn shop they won’t help you other than offering you the yarn so don’t take the mick and then go to a yarn shop for assistance when the sale period in the supermarket has past.

I totally get too that budget is an issue see above for way’s to help you with this and keep the yarn shop industry up and running. I love this industry and my heart breaks for all those having to close because of lack of use.

Warm woolly wishes

Lucy x

OH also don’t go into a yarn shop ask loads of questions get 45 minutes of free help then turn round and tell the person helping you that you now know what you want and will go and order it on line (from one of those big webstores) that is just damn rude.

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