The Shops Dyer’s

As you know the shop stocks a huge amount of hand dyed yarn from Cornwall and all over the UK but I don’t list them for sale on here (yet)

So I thought I would just give you all a little run down of which dyers are currently in the shop so you can prepare yourselves for your visit.

First off is the current dyer of the month who is Joanie Unravelled, only here for the month of June but proving very popular so we may just see her back again at a later date.

Mojo knits is also in the shop. I have the very British yarn from her which is the Teeswater & Wenslydale blend and also a supper light but warm Alpaca, Bamboo and Merino blend

Felt Fusion is my go to for all yarns and has been a massive supporter of the shop right from the beginning and along side her standard sock, I also have some luxury blends from her too.

Next up is Skein Heroine who dyes the most beautiful natural dyed yarns I’ve seen on Merino making her yarn perfect for socks.

I also have Madder about wool. Now don’t be fooled by the name her yarns aren’t natural dyed but they are stunning. Dyed in Cornwall and with the most beautiful subtle colours and her yarn even comes in a non superwash variety too.

Truly Hooked one of the more wacky dyers in the shop you will find everything from Verity. From sparkle to speckle to semi tonal in every colour too.

Then we cross the sea to discover Dye Candy and again her lovely bright colours are guaranteed to cheer you up and she dyes Floof too.

Perran Yarns another Cornish Dyer does some amazing colours on some rather unusual blends of yarn. For example she dyes a lovely Seacell yarn which is made from sea weed, is silky soft and shiny and has an amazing drape.

Next up is Snuggly Stars yarn, Gemma came in as a dyer of the month and has never left. The jewel tones she gives to her Yak base yarn are just stunning.

Our final Cornish dyer is probably my most popular dyer in the shop. The one and only Demelza’s Delight’s. Not only does Rachel dye stunning yarns they all have a Cornish theme to them and appeal to both locals and tourists alike.

Sam from Unbelievawool (great name) is also in the shop with some rather zany colours, sparkle and speckled yarn what more could you want.

I also have LayFamily yarn but Kelly’s yarn is so popular I only have 2 skeins left. It’s a good job her and Meg are coming to do a trunk show at the shop on the 22nd June.

I also have the lovely Linzi’s yarn from Hooking marvelous, I have some beautiful soft pastel colours left which would make great contrasts to some of the rather more crazy yarns in the shop.

The lovely Debbie is here too with her beautiful dyed sock yarns from Down Sheepy lane. Some gorgeous colours to choose from with soft lovely peaches to more striking rich greens.

Then our newest member to the shop is The Fibre Fox and if you haven’t seen these yarns yet you’re sure in for a big treat. I have sock sets too.

Hopefully with all these dyers you will find something you like. So come on down to the shop say hello, squish some yarn and add to that stash maybe 😉

Warm Woolly Wishes




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