What A Week

Wow what a week it has been.

Firstly I shut the shop in Par expecting to spend the week planning organising and getting works carried out on the shop and then starting the decorating and moving in of furniture. Instead I got a whirl wind.

First off my son got sick with Scarlet fever so no school for him and a very long Sunday for me down the hospital with him.

Secondly my friends came to help and with Henry’s skills and know how the dangerous polystyrene tiles were removed and the decorating started.

Thirdly the electrician rang to say he had had a change in his diary and so he was able to come Tuesday and carry out all the works in the shop.

Fourthly Andrea agreed to come and work with me at the shop and bring her expertise in sewing and all things mixed media into the shop so we can now cover pretty much all yarn, knitting, sewing and crafty stuff.

The reception we have received from all the lovely people of Lostwithiel has been overwhelming and we are so excited to be part of this truly stunning town.

Purl A Row will start trading from the 9th July however we will not be fully open till the 21st July when we will have a grand opening at 11am.

I look forward to this next step in the life of a yarn shop owner.

Take care

Lucy x


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