Cosy Mitre Square Blanket Kit (Knitting)




This is a kit designed to get you started on your scrappy blanket journey. A lot of us have odd’s left after we finish a project and some of us choose to turn these into scrappy blankets also known as cosy memory blankets. Squares require between 5 – 10g of yarn depending on gauge etc.
These kits are designed to get you started on your blanket. Now don’t see this as another wip. These blankets are meant to be long processes as you use scraps from your other projects to make them.
These kits are complete to get you started whilst you wait for your odd ball collection to grow.
You will get
10, 15, or 20 balls 10g sock yarn
Stitch Marker

Additional information


10 Balls, 15 Balls, 20 Balls