Caring For Your Hand Knit/Crochet Wool Items

Caring for your hand knit / crochet items.

Did you know wool will last years and years in comparison to acrylic yarns.

A well looked after wool garment be it a shawl, socks or a sweater will last you for many many years.

Wool doesn’t need to be washed regularly it is naturally antibacterial and doesn’t go smelly.

If you do spill something on your woolly garment you should just spot clean it with a clean cloth and warm water.

Wool garments are best hand washed even if you have a wool wash on your machine I would always recommend hand washing.

When hand washing your woolly items I would always recommend luke warm water with either a wool wash like Eucalan or a little drop of hair conditioner in the water. Submerge your item in the water and do not agitate it. Just leave it to soak for about 10 minutes. Squeeze out any excess water and lay your item flat on a towel or some blocking boards to dry.

I wash my woollens about twice a year.

Remember that Moths like WOOL  so hanging some lavender bags in your wardrobe or having some ceder blocks around can help with them but wont necessarily stop them all together.

Bobbling on wool items is going to happen it’s nothing to worry about but it maybe worth you investing in a bobble remover.  A quick internet search will bring up several choices for you to choose from.