I have a question

As we get into May there is always a noticeable decline of people in the shop. Whether that be just people popping in to grab a ball of wool or for sit & socials and even classes. Now i know that the warmer weather means we are often off doing things more like beach visits or walks and i honestly get it. What i don’t get is all the people that come in and tell me that they don’t craft from May to September because that’s gardening season. Now i get it you need to weed, cut the hedges, mow the lawn and plant your flowers but what do you do in the evening? Why does it have to be one or the other? I honestly would like to know, why can’t you do both? Is it because your craft fund is re directed to plant fund? is it something different? Is it because you don’t enjoy knitting or crocheting in the summer? Honestly i would like to know, so let me know.

On another note i’ve been looking at the yarns in the shop and some lovely patterns that i think are the perfect combination for warmer weather knitting. (Crochet Coming) Why i myself can knit any weight yarn and any item in any weather without being bothered by it, I do know that some people prefer lighter items in the warm weather. However I will soon be starting my winter knitting so that i am ready for them when winter does roll round.

My suggestions are

Rowdy Tank by Caitlyn Turowski and the yarn i would reccomend for this is Malabrigo Arroyo This yarn is a DK weight yarn made of 100% superwash merino

Kuutar Top by Sari Nordlund and the yarn i would reccomend for this is West Yorkshire Spinners Exquisite 4ply Falkland wool & Mulberry Silk blend

If you have some hand dyed yarn laying around you’re not sure what to do with you could also try the Villeneuve by Espace Tricot, Lounging Top by Joji Locatelli Or the Ripple Crop Top & Breeze Racerback both by Jessie Maed Designs

I’ve just had yarn delivered to cast on a new winter jumper in West Yorkshire Spinners Fleece BFL DK yarn and i am going to be knitting from the lovely Artic Knits book that’s available in the shop. No doubt you will see me posting pictures of it on social media when i cast on. I still have a few wips I am working on though.

Warm woolly wishes