Inclusivity & Accessibility Statement

Dear All

Purl A Row is a SAFE space regardless of whether you are in my shop or on my social media pages.

Welcoming everyone to the shop regardless of your race, sexuality, gender, age, size or whether you knit or crochet or do any orher woolly related craft.

Healthy debates are welcome at our social events but anyone found not to be following the rules and respecting others will be asked to leave.

Please do not feel that you are not welcome at Purl A Row. YOU ARE! I welcome everyone even if you’re just looking for somewhere to sit for 5 minutes or to admire all the colours, and smells of natural fibres.

Purl A Row is for you all. The staff will not tolerate any form of discrimination whether it’s racism, sexism or critisicing of a person’s ability to knit or crochet it is not welcome here. Nor is any form of hate speech in the shop either.

If you feel that something isn’t right in the shop please do let the staff know so we can address it and keep Purl A Row a safe place.

Please note that only assistance dogs are permitted in the shop.

Warm Woolly Wishes

Lucy xx

Sit & Social Guidelines (rules)

Be respectful, of me, my staff, my shop and others.

Tidy up after yourselves.

Be mindful of what you say.

Difficult discussions are meant to be had but don’t cause harm with your words.

This shop is a safe and inclusive space for all and Purl A Row will do whatever it takes to make it remain that way.

Don’t like it Don’t come it really is that simple

£3.50 per person