Making wool/yarn accessible to all.

I know that my shop is very specialist and that I do carry a lot of high end and high priced wool. However I do carry yarns at lot’s of different price points. I will never carry acrylic yarn at £1.99 for a 100g that’s not what my shop is about and there are enough shops around that offer that. However if that’s what you like to knit with and is absolutely all you can or want to use that’s absolutely fine. Knititng and crochet is about the process and you the crafter being happy and nothing else.

However I do make all my stock accessible to everyone regardless of the price as I offer lay away service. What is lay away service? Lay away is where you choose the yarn you want and so that you can have all the same dye lot and the amount you need I simply lay it away in the shop until you can afford it. This works where we have a conversation about what is a realistic time frame for you to be able to pay the yarn off. I ask that you buy 1 skein/ball at the start then I put the rest away for you and you can come in as many times as you like and pay as much as you can afford at a time untill you have paid for all of the yarn. You also don’t have to wait till it’s all paid for to get yarn either. Once you’ve covered the cost of a skein/ball you can take that away and keep on working on your project.

Because I don’t currently have a bricks and mortar shop I can’t offer this service as I don’t have anywhere to store yarn as a lay away I am sorry about that.

I have decided though that I am going to extend this lay away service to all products in the shop not just to wool & yarn products.

How else do I make Purl A Row accessible? I run classes and yes some of these are expensive so I offer a sponsor ship programe which you can find out more about here I am looking at ways I can extend this to be available to more people but for now I regret I have to have some limits to it.

I am always happy to help people out in anyway I can so please do ask me and if I can help I will.

Warm Woolly Wishes

Lucy x