Opening Finally

Well it’s been a long 9 months but tomorrow Thursday 3rd December is open day.

The shop is ready, Im as ready as I am going to be and it’s exciting.

I don’t have as much stock in this shop as I did the old one as the space is more limited here but hopefully there is something for everyone and you all enjoy it.

Please remeber that masks must be worn, hand gel to be used and only 3 customers at once are permitted in the shop or one family group.

I know that knitting and crochet are loved by many of us especially those of us who have a health coniditon. So if you are in the vulnerable catagory and would like to come to the shop where it is closed to general public and there is only me in there then I would love to offer you the chance to do so. I don’t want anyone to miss out on something they love if I can help them at all. Just email me at and we can book you a personal shopping space. Please do not abuse this it is for those who are vulbnerable and can’t make it when there is a risk of others being in the shop.

So tomorrow I open at 10am and as it’s the start of Christmas late night shopping in Horncastle I will be there till 7pm. I look forward to meeting you all and welcoming you to my worl of woolly wonderfulness.

Warm Woolly Wishes

Lucy x