Sponsorship Programe

I am going to be running a sponsorship programme for my online classes and in shop classes.

I have 10 sponsorships on offer. The sponsor ship will cover all the costs except travel if needed to the shop.

This programme is for the use of young people of colour, LGBTQIA+, disabled, homeless and underprivileged young people regardless of gender.

I am offering this sponsorship program to anyone between the ages of 16 and 26 years.

Sponsorship will include all of my classes from learning to knit to events with guest designers plus my sit and socials. To enable me to offer this to 10 people sit and socials sessions will be limited to 12 sessions or a class costing no more than £50.

The sponsorship programme will aim to start in September when I open my bricks and mortar shop again. It will not include any knit alongs or boxes.

To apply all you will need to do is when you see a class you would like to attend just drop me an email quoting the sponsorship programe and what class you would like to take part in. I will not ask you to divulge any personal information when you book. My email is purlarow@gmail.com

Warm woolly wishes

Lucy x