Fed Up Now

Today started off wonderful. I had the last of the sock sessions and have created 3 new sock knitters in the world whoop. Then the agent rang with an update on the shop and i’ve spent the rest of the day either angry or sobbing. My shop dream is slipping away and I can’t do anything about it. The worse thing is i’ve had hold of that dream for 2 years and now it’s turning into a nightmare.


There is no shop… yet! The agents have found out the landlord is yet to agree to the deed to assign even though I payed all solicitors fees 5 weeks ago. This means no contracts have been drawn up and the solicitors have just sat around waiting and not chasing regardless of all the emails I have sent.

Today the agent forcebly instructed their solicitor to draw up the paper work and the solicitor issued the landlords solicitors with an email of “do this by close tomorrow or else” stand. So I am hopeful for progress by the end of the week. However that is irrelevant if the landlord doesn’t sign.

In the meant time I have spent over £2.000 in solicitors fees in the last 5 months for a shop and have nothing to show for it.

This means my spare room, my garage and my mum’s spare room are full of yarn and I simply can’t keep hold of it waiting any longer so I have launched a massive sale on the website.

I am hoping that this will all turn out right by the end of the week but I am not getting too excited by it.

I’ve also added more sign up’s to the sign up page for various classes and boxes.

If you would like to support me but don’t want to add to your stash you can do so here http://gf.me/u/yxszjx