I Need To Say Sorry

You will all know that I have always said my shop is inclusive and accessible and right now I need to say sorry. Why? Because I have been lax with my judgement and have allowed people into my shop space (physical and virtual) who do not allow me to create a safe space. I will be puttig this right over the next couple of days as I go through my followers and make sure that my space is safe for all.

With that said my biggest apology needs to go to those of you who are “disabled” my new shop is not currently accessible to people who are wheel chair users. This saddens me greatly as I have always strived to be accessible to all and at the moment I am unable to make this happen. However I can make changes to the shop to allow you access if I know you are coming. This will mean me removing some stock out of the shop though so I won’t have everything visible to you but it will be available. So if you are a customer who uses a wheelchair and you plan on visiting the shop please if possible do let me know first so that I can do some rearranging so that you get to experince the shop in a comfortable and accessible way.

I am working on ways to make the shop completely accessible to everyone at all times without me having to move things around all the time and I will do this as quickly as I can but I am very limited with space, time and ability at the moment.

I hope that you will acept my apologies for this issues.

Warm woolly wishes

Lucy x