It still goes on

So it’s September the month where everything was meant to be as back to normal as it possibly could. Child in school, new house and new shop all in place.

Mmmmm NOPE that’s not happened at all well the child has started school but that’s it.

We still don’t have a move date at all the solicitors are dragging their feet on this one it’s becoming an issue. I am still living with my parents and my son. The husband is living on base and I am doing an 88 mile round school run every day instead of the 2 minute walk im meant to be doing.

The shop. Well the shop in Newark fell through the fees just kept going up and up and pushed me out of my price range unfortunately which means that I will not be able to open that one. However I have since found a new premisis but it’s in Horncastle and not Newark. I am waiting for the keys but it appears that all solicitors are snowed under with back log due to covid and this is taking longer than I had hoped. I aim to open the first week of October if not sooner.

I am really missing not having my shop and even more so now that my little boy has started school. I have however been updating the website with as much stock as I possibly can as most of it still sits in my house in Cornwall along with all my belongings.

I have a 10% discount code at the moment too on all orders £40 and over not including postage. Enter the word AUTUMN at check out. This expires at the end of the month.

Have you seen that Making Stories Magazing has released their newest edition? Its a stunning coffee table book full of lovely patterns and information and chats with lots of indipendant designers and dyers. I have a few left in stock.

Rowan yarns launched their Autumn/Winter collection on the 1st of september. However again due to covid it’s not the full collection and the rest will launch on the 1st October. They have launched Magazine 68 and Mode Collection though along with some other stunning books and some new yarns. All are available on the website.

The knit lit boxes come to an end in December and I have a few spaces left if you would like to take part.

The British Isle boxes are proving to be a huge success and I now have places for us all to visit right up to September next year. I have space left on the ones listed in the sign up section on the website. These have been so much fun to put together and to discover all the different things that happen in these places.

The Skype sit and socials will not start until I am moved as I don’t have anywhere to set up for it at my mum’s house so I will email all that have signed up so far to take part once I have a date for them.

I am currently just finalising the details for some fun new skype classes too so kepp a look out for them.

I also have some new british wool from a local farm that is coming into the shop. Im very excited about it and the breeds of sheep it is made up of too are just stunning. They are from a farm not too far from my new house run by a lovely lady called Hannah.

Warm woolly wishes