Progress Is Being Made

Wow words I never thought I would be uttering. Progress is being made on 2 out the 3 problems in my life right now.

Yesterday we signed the contracts for our new house so now it’s just a matter of exchange and complete which the solicitors are saying will be in the next 2 weeks. Next hurdle there is to find a removals company who is available to move us the 6 hours from Cornwall to Lincolnshire.

Today I have just paid the solicitors fee for the landlord of the shop I am taking over. Something that’s cost a bit more than I was initially told but I need a shop so it’s done. Just the deposit on the lease to pay next and hopefully that will be the amount they told me originally.

You are probably all aware by now if you follow me on social media and read my blog posts, that the shop in Newark fell through as they just kept adding things that put monthly payments out of my reach. This was not made clear to me from the start which meant I had to pull out after it had gone to the solicitors which cost me money I could have done with but that’s life and lesson learnt. If you would still like to support me in getting the shop moved and set up I have a go fund me you can donate too

The new shop is in the little market town of Horncastle and is on the high street. It is fully accesible and has a toilet (this is a big deal having spent 2 years in a shop without one) it has a wonderful bay window which I am looking forwad to making displays for. I aim to open the first week of October.

I am still looking for someone to come work for me but obviously the location has now changed so if you fancy working for me in Horncastle please fill in the form using the link

So that covers the 2 things I have progress in. The 3rd is to do with my little boy and his learning dissabilities. His new school are being awesome with him and so good for him but we are still in limbo in terms of getting him the care and help he needs with everything. Hopefully this will soon follow but for now he will be my main priority and why it may take me longer to reply to messages/emails etc.

In other news West Yorkshire Spinners have unveiled there new christmas yarns and they will be on sale from Wednesday 16th September I have added pre orders for both the new yarns to the website. This year they have released a lovely sparkle blue yarn that is called “Silent Night” and they have re released “Fairy Lights” this time with added sparkle.

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Warm woolly wishes